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    Different results for sam site when using http & https


      So we are trying to get MWG7 setup so we can migrate from MWG6.  So far it's been quite a challenge.  While MWG7 is far more powerful, it's also way to comlicated.


      Anyhow, our current delema is that when we go to a site, such as www.bing.com, www.google.com, etc, we get different results if we go http vs https.  We are using the defualt ruleset with NTLM auth and are mapping users to different URL filtering rulesets based on AD groups using the web mapping method outlined by Jon Scholten here - https://community.mcafee.com/docs/DOC-2210.  http seems to work fine and  follow the ruleset correctly.  https on the other hand seems to hit the default url filtering ruleset and not mappping.


      Has anyone experienced this?  Is there a way to trace a user from start to finish through the ruleset?  Is there a ruleset tester built into the gui somewhere?