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    VSECFG.CAB: import rejected, password issues

      hi guys,

      i've got a strange problem over here. We have WinXp running McAfee Enterprise 8.8 and no ePO. Google doesn't help...


      McAfee is installed via automated distribution (Package was built with Installation Designer, same with VSECFG). After installation, I apply my custom settings via config file right after installation. If I create a new config file and copy it to MID, it is rejected with password issues, but: the password has not been changed! Even if I copy the same config file that has been applied after installation, it does not accept this file with the same error.


      From Windows Event Manager:


      Manually translated to english:


      McLogEvent 1006

      TaskManager: Service Error: MID Configuration Applicator:

      Passwort authentication failed




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