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    SSL (https) redirection based on url




      First my apologies if this question has being placed before, but I didn't find here.


      It it's possible to have something like ssl reverse proxy in Mcafee Firewall? I'm asking this because we are moving into a cenario where ISP only give 1 public IP address and we have two https services in diferent machines. Nowadays, we have two IP addresses to accomplish that.





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          We have a URL translation feature on the firewall to accomplish what you need, but unfortunately it only works on HTTP. In the future we may be able to leverage our SSL Decryption/Re-encryption feature to do URL translation feature with SSL, but right now I believe it does not work.


          Otherwise the only option would be to use a different port to differentiate the traffic (one server would use 443 and the other could use 444 as an example) and could redirect to port 443 on the second server.


          Hope this helps,