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    VSE 8.8 compliance chart

      Hi all,


      trying to get to grips with all the monitors in EPo 4.6 and I've managed to fix a few issues and get outputs that I want but there's one thing I can't get around at the moment


      One of the monitors is VSE: Version 8.8 Compliance


      The problem I'm having is that it shows that all of our workstations are non-compliant, and upon drilling into the chart it lists all the VirusScan Enterprise versions as


      Question - What's the difference between and is 849 needed, and if so how do i change from 849.wrk to 849? If it actually doesn't matter and the wrk is fine, how do i get it to show in the 8.8 compliance chart?


      All workstations (with the exception of 5 still on 8.7) all have 8.8 VSE installed, you can see when you go into the properties through EPo that they all sit on 8.8, and daily scans and virus detections are still all good so the system seems to be working fine


      Incidently, in the system properties on EPo it shows the wrk version, but on the about section of McAfee on the machines it displays without the wrk. A wake up with full properties doesn't change anything either end


      Any ideas?


      Thanks in advance


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          Go to Menu > Reporting > Queries & Reports.

          Under Shared Groups (on the left), choose VirusScan Enterprise.

          On the right, scroll down to VSE:Version 8.8 Compliance and click Edit.

          Under the pie chart symbol, click the Configure Criteria button.

          Change the settings as required.

          Click Save, then Save again.


          I just tried the query, and all mine came up as non-compliant also.  Once I finally found the Configure Criteria button, the "Hotfix/Patch Version (VirusScan Enterprise)" was set to "Value is blank".  Since I have P1 installed, I changed it to "Value is not blank".  Now only my systems with outdated DATs are shown as non-compliant.

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            The extra extension is to differentiate between Workstations and Servers.


            If you have 8.8 installed on a server it should report as In the Access Protection Policy there is a drop down to edit different policy settings for servers and workstations which is applied based on this value i believe.


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              Spot on - thanks for that, exactly what I needed and now all is well in the world of EPo


              Tristan - cheers for the info. Knew there had to be a reason for it somewhere. I guess if I'd have actually looked at the server versions I may have been able to work it out. Alas as there was no issues with the servers there was no look needed


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