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    deleting SQL from OLD server

      Hi all


      SQL and EPO was installed and running on the same server.


      A few days ago, I moved SQL to the other server, and it has been working fine.


      Today, I tried to shut down MSSQL service in the EPO server, because it's not been used.


      I simply tried shut down the MSSQL service, but it failed, because of the dependancy issue.


      I looked up KB and found the solution to delete MSSQL dependency from Regestry.


      I followed the recommendation, but it still gave me the same error.


      - Do you know how to break the dependancy and shutdown MSSQL service?

      - Is it ok just to uninstall SQL from old DB server(EPO is still running in the server.) Won't it affect to the running EPO?




      Many Thanks,