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    scan of 1.3TB of data each on 2 drives causes crash

    Jim Michaels

      I have the following system.

      Dell Dimension 4600

      Pentium 4 HT (1 core 2 threads) 2.8 GHz

      - 3GB RAM

      - 2x2TB drives, each with 823GB of data.

      - I have zip files with are 30-90GB or more in size.

      - mcafee wants to update in the middle of a scan, which causes havoc


      any of these 4 things might (or in concert) be causing the crash I get, most likely the update.

      after about 1 week's worth of scanning (that's how long it takes to scan 1.3TB of data) is when it crashes.

      this reproducible, but I have a hard time trying to do it.  it takes a while, and windows becomes unstable in the process.


      guys, do you think you could fix the crash and speed this program up too?  optimize the compiler for speed rather than optimizing for anything else.



      by the way, this forum trashed my [this] content I just added today.  lost a session or cookie or something.  I am going from limited memory now...