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    How force installing virsuscan 8.7 with EPO4

      I need to Know how to force the installation during the configuration of the deployment task.


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          Sorry can you explain in a bit more detail what you mean ?

          • 2. The problem is a can not deploy VSE 8.7i

            EPO 4.0
            Agent 4.0

            2 PC one without VSE and one with VSE 8.5i (manual installed one year ago), both with XP pro english, Firewall down.

            I have deployed the angent into both PC, correctly

            I have tried to deploy VSE8.7.i into both but I have the problem that

            1) the pc without VSE has installed VSE8.7i without problem at all.
            2) :mad: the pc with VSE8.5i has the agent inside but when I try to deploy It does nothing, if a try to weakup the agent the agent respond but nothing happens.

            • 3. Try to uninstall first
              I have the same problem on my ePO 4.0 server and 8.5i/CMA 3.6.1. on client pc.
              I saw another post that suggested to uninstall 8.5 first and then install 8.7.
              I can't make it happen in one pass though (you have the option of adding several tasks to one "Client Task")
              It uninstalled allright but did not install 8.7, leaving me exposed untill i manually installed 8.7.
              If you find out let me know happy
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                I got the same problem, remote users are getting the VSE 8.7i deployment task which first removes 8.5i and then should install 8.7i, but that fails rendering the clients without any VSE at all.

                Still looking into it at the moment.
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                  Laszlo G
                  I think perhaps the problem is that VSE 8.7i does not support CMA 3.6, that's why it's delivered with MA 4.0
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                    Hmmmm. I managed to manually install 8.7i on client machines with CMA 3.6 installed, so they should be able to coexist.
                    Actually i am trying to push McAfee Agent 4.0 patch1 to the clients, that won't install either so maybe the problem lies elsewhere.

                    (BTW there is no option of unistalling CMA 3.6 after youve checked in the 4.0 package in the repository, only installing 4.0)

                    EDIT: Some of the clients have now updated to MA 4.0, I will push 8.7i again to se if that helps
                    EDIT#2 That actually works for me. When clients are upgraded to MA 4.0, they are then able to upgrade to 8.7i without uninstalling 8.5i first (at least my initial tests show)
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                      I'm running ePO 4 p3/MA 4 P1 so there's no 3.6 here at all.