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    System Tree Sorting


      Hello, In an attempt to tidy up the ePO(4.5) system tree in our environment I am looking to sort the machines into appropriate groups.


      We run an AD Sync automated task every day at lunch time (gives our helpdesk time to add any new machines to the domain before lunch) and then I've got dynamic tagging based on computer name to tag up Laptops, Desktops and Servers.


      In the system tree I've got a folder for each Laptop, Desktop and Server tag with appropriate sorting rules for each.


      When I nagivate to the Lost&Found directory where most of our domain objects currently reside, I select my laptop for example which is correctly tagged as a Laptop and I run a 'Test Sort' from the actions menu. The 'Test Sort' correctly shows that I should be moved to the Laptops directory, however when I do a 'Proper Sort' the laptop just stays where it is!


      The same goes for all other machines currently in Lost&Found, the test sort comes back as expected which suggests that my tagging and sorting rules are accurate.


      Does anybody have any suggestions?