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    Scheduled scans happening too often

      I have a problem with "scheduled scans" happening at least twice a day, even though it's only supposed to happen once a week. Was set at default (Thursday 4 am), and I tried manually changing to Wednesday 1 am. Even though the "Security Report" lists the "next scheduled scan" correctly, for some reason it's happening much more often. I don't like having my hard drive churning away for 40 minutes at a time... it's bound to drastically shorten its life.


      How can I "fix" this so it only scans once a week, like it's supposed to?

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          Hi there,


          McAfee has changed the way scheduled scans start to prevent your computer from launching a scan while you are using it, which could cause performance to be slower than desired. Other than that what I could get from the screen shot is that the scan here is set a 4. A M in the morning and  if the PC is turned off/ in sleep mode at that time , the scan would happen once the machine wakes up, scheduled scan will run if it is overdue (which is the case happening here)