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    Comunication between Web Gateway and Web Reporter




      I am configuring Web Gateway 7.1.6 with Web Reporter 5.2 to collect log files.


      I set in Web Reporter:

      Log Source.JPGIn panel Administration -> Setup -> Log Sources -> Accept incoming log files

      Log Format: McAfee Web Gatway - Autodiscover

      Logon Name: admin (what login? - > to open webreporter or new for communication with wgw?)

      Password: password

      2) Then configured Web gateway:

      wgw_LogFileManager.JPGSetting in panel Configuration -> Log File Manager:

      enabled Auto Pushing, in destination path typed   http://ReportServerAddress:9111/logloader/ ,

      Username and Password as in Log Sources.


      What do I need after that?

      WebReporter didn't collect any log files.


      Please, explain me step by step how it works.




      P.S. sorry my English )


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