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    Epo 4.6.1 Lost&Found, sorting and AD Sync query

      Hi all


      We have a few System Groups in EPO that sync directly with specific OU's in Active Directory.


      The machines sync into EPO correctly into a System group called 'member servers.'


      Those machines that match Tagging/Sorting criteria (eg Exchange or SQL tags) are automatically sorted OUT of this member servers group and INTO their correct group - which is as we want it.


      However, some machines do not fall under any particular Tag. We want these machines to stay put - in 'Member servers' (the directory they were synced into from AD) - but they are getting moved into Lost&Found (which is a catch all).


      Any idea how we can 'fix' this behaviour please?

      ...ideally, without disabling sorting on the machines (unless you can automatically disable sorting, whilst leaving the ones with tags to sort automatically).


      Thanks for your assistance!!