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    ePO 4.6 vs 4.5 Client Tasks


      In ePO 4.5 Client Task you were able to "Break inheritance and assign the policy and setting below this point" and then modify the Client Task so that it would only apply to those nodes below that break. Essentially having one Client Task with perhaps several breaks.


      Seems like that functionality is gone in ePO4.6.  Meaning, in 4.6 you have to "Break inheritance....", disable the Client Task and then create a NEW Client Task at that break just to add/modify. I really hope that I have just over looked something cause I'm really going to miss that feature.

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          The main change on 4.6 is that you first create the task and then assign (schedule) them.


          For example, for On Demand Scan for VSE, you create the task telling what to scan, heuristic level, etc. And then assign it.


          So you may have a single task with multiple assigns.


          Regarding the assignment, you can still break the inheritance and schedule the task to run in another time for that system or group.


          Regarding the task itself, you'll need to create another task to assign for that system, it's not possible to change that just for one system or group.


          In my opinion, this feature is really useful, because it's more likely that you have to change the schedule than change the task properties.


          Hope that helps.

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            Thanks for your response.  I'm on the other side of the fence.  Schedule time doesn't need to be changed but what is being deployed does.