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    Monitor Sensors and NSM with Network Management System via SNMP

      Hey guys!


      I'm trying to add the sensors (M-3050) and the NSM v7 to our network management system (Realtech theGuard!). http://www.realtech.com/wInternational/software/products/theguard-networkmanager W3DnavanchorW262110121.php


      Now there's two issues I've to deal with.


      The NMS theGuard! expects MIBs in a .ini format whilst the McAfee MIBs don't have file type. Simply renaming them to xxx.ini didn't do the trick.

      Do you have any other suggestions on how to import the MIBs? Did you face the same problems?


      The second issue is related to the fault notification option of the NSM (/domain > Fault Notification > SNMP).

      We're using SNMPv3 and I simply don't have a clue what is expected to be put in the "Authoritative Engine ID (Hex Values)"-field. Do I have to add the MAC adress of the Network Management System? If so, what do I insert when our NMS is using redundant uplinks?


      Thanks for your support!