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    Error Message; Can't Manual Scan in Total Protection



      I hope that someone will help me.


      I've had McAfee for quite some time and haven't had any issues. Then earlier today my laptop started to freeze uncharacteristically when I tried to watch a youtube videos & a video on another legit website.  When I tried to run McAfee and scan my computer, it gave me an error message. This is  what happens:


      I open McAfee (total protection). Everything looks perfectly peachy and checked off in green: your computer is secure (no action required), Real-Time Scanning: ON; Updates: Current; Firewall: ON; Subscription: Active.


      However, when I click on 'Real-Time Scanning' and 'Scan your PC', no matter what type of scan I choose (quick, full or custom), it looks like it tries to start to scan but then in a millisecond an error comes us saying "An Error Has Occured.  An unexpected problem occurred during your scan...".


      My operating systems is Windows XP 64 bit.


      I'd really appreciate if someone offered some concrete help. Thank you.


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          Hi mashnikd,


          Please try the below steps let us know the outcome of your scan ?


          Step 1:

          Click on Start – Click on Run and type – CMD [and press enter]

          In the command prompt window , please type the following ;  [Note : There is a space after the word regsvr32]

          regsvr32 jscript.dll (and press enter)

          regsvr32 vbscript.dll (and press enter)

          regsvr32 shell32.dll (and press enter)


          Step 2:

          Open Internet explorer – Click on Tools – Click on Internet options

          Click on Advanced and hit the button Reset

          Open McAfee – Click on Updates – Click on Check for Updates


          Step 3

          Restart the PC and try running a Full scan

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            Dinesh -



            regsvr32 jscript.dll -> I get a message "The module "jscript.dll" was loaded but the call to DLLRegisterServer failed with error code 0x80004005"

            regsvr32 vbscript.dll -> "DllRegisterServer in vbscript succeeded"


            regsvr32 shell32.dll -> "DllRegisterServer in vbscript succeeded"



            When I try to Check for Updates, it says "Completed 0%" and gives me an option to run in the background. But then nothing happens and it never notifies me that the updates are complete.


            After restarting the PC I still cannot complete a full scan.

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              Hi there,


              Kindly run the removal tool for McAfee and reinstall the latest version from your account page and let us know if you still face issues;


              Run the removal tool from here : http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/MCPR.exe

              Restart the PC

              Open Intermet explorer - Click on Tools - Click Windows update and install any available update

              Run the Mcpreinstall tool from here: http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/McPreInstall.e xe

              Logon to your account page from here : and reinstall the products .


              Kindly try to run a scan post reinstallation and let us know the status




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                Dinesh -


                It still doesn't look good.


                I ran the removal tool and restarted my PC without any problems. Then I installed some Windows updates and ran the mcpreinstall tool. No problems. Then I tried to reinstall McAfee Total Protection but after some time I got a message "Installation Incomplete. We couldn't isntall any of the security features included with your software".


                I then tried running McAfee Virtual Technician but it said that it couldn't find any McAfee software on my computer.


                So now I have no McAfee protection at all on my computer.

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                  Hi mashnikd,


                  It seems there is some other conflict that stops the product from performing as its supposed on the PC. Please click on Useful links at the top of this page and then click on Technical support so as  our online techs help you to install McAfee programs first and then try to sort out the errors with scan .