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    VirusScan Enterprise 8.5i or Cox Internet Security Suite?


      Our corporate license allows employees to install McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.5i on our personal computers, but my ISP (Cox) provides a free copy of what they call "Cox Internet Security Suite Powered by McAfee 2009" (the picture shows a copy of McAfee Internet Security Suite 2009). Can anyone explain which product would be better to install on a home PC? I'm not too interested in the extras like firewall or phishing protection, just good anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-trojan protection. You know, something that stays out of the way but won't let malware in.

      Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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          Just a few ideas of how to proceed, but I'd say first thing is to make sure you _know_ what your ISP is selling you... does it _look like_ it's McAfee 2009 or _is it_ McAfee...
          Then, I'd check what exactly the McAfee products are I can get through my corporate license and what are those I'd get from my ISP...
          What are the license terms there ?
          What happens should you decide to leave your current ISP and go for another one ? Would you still have a license for the McAfee products ?

          have a nice day
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            Serge, thanks for the reply. Those are good suggestions, but Cox isn't selling McAfee, they provide a free copy (must have made a deal with McAfee) of the McAfee product with a Cox branding. It *is* McAfee.

            I'm not really concerned with what could happen in the future if I switch to a different ISP; should that happen I'll just get another antivirus utility. But for now, I can't tell what the difference is between this consumer-level product (Mcafee Internet Security Suite 2009) and VirusScan Enterprise 8.5i. When you look at the info on McAfee's site, the marketing spin does nothing to reveal which is a more advanced product. Maybe Internet Security Suite 2009 is better because it's newer? Or maybe VirusScan Enterprise 8.5i is better because it needs to stand up to the rigorous demands of corporate computing?

            Any other opinions?
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              Hi again,

              [SIZE="1"][ViruScan 8.5 is getting old and one should think about replacing it for 8.7(i) in the not too far future (as soon as patch 1 is out happy ][/SIZE]

              Apart from that, ViruScan is "just" an antivirus. From marketing dribble, it seems that Internet Security Suite contains also a local "two-way firewall", so that would give added protection. In this sense, and for a home user only -- remember we're in the Corporate section, your question might be better asked in another section -- it is possible that Internet Security Suite gives more protection thant just ViruScan.

              hope it helps
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                Thank you Serge. I just had the most awful chat with a McAfee technical support person. I asked him repeatedly what the difference was between the virus scan engines of the two product and all he could say was that Internet Security Suite also has firewall and anti-spam features. Well, he did say that ISS was "better" but couldn't explain why, other than the firewall and anti-spam features. :)

                Anyway, thank you. I think on this PC I'll probably install Internet Security Suite, mainly because the scanning engine must be three years more recent than trusty old 8.5i.
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                  assuming that 8.5 was up to date with its patches the engine would be the same, VSE 8.5 is not very good for adware though and doesnt have a firewall.

                  Personally although I run Mcafee for my company and some sophos and have access to free Mcafee consumer and enterprise software, I use Avast free (AV) with comodo pro free (AV + Firewall) and weekly ADware scans with Malwarebytes and superantispyware (both free). Course I havnt had a virus in a few years but I like to feel smug happy