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    WaveSecure has locked my device, asking for a pin.



      Mcafee waveSecure has somehow locked my device.

      Wavesecure came pre-installed on my Sony Ericsson XperiaMini pro.


      I have tried to uninstall wavesecure but it always pops back up, now its locked my device.

      T-Mobile and Ericsson have both told me its McAfee thats at fault. I didnt and dont even want this crap on my phone!

      Now after 48 hours, im getting no response from McAfee support..


      When i boot my phone up, Wavesecure pops up telling its been locked at that i should contact the owner.


      I am the owner!


      I choose the option of “forgot pin” (as i have never created an account and have no unlock pin) and it says it will SMS the PIN code (to unlock) to a number I use all the time.


      I have tried this several times for the last 24 hours and still no SMS.

      The number Wavesecure shows is my wives number, BUT strangely starts with +44044 before the mobile number which I am unable to edit before Wave Secure flashes up again.


      How can i get this unlock code? and more importantly, uninstall this crap off of my phone..


      The Software takes over your phone, you cant even uninstall it..


      don't install it in the first place if you havent already got it pre-installed.