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    How do I change my McAfee  "My Account" password?

      Hello. I went to My Account and cannot find a way to change my login password. We own 5 licences but somehow 7 were showing up as active. I want to ensure no one is stealing our account  login and using it. Thanks!


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          You can see what are the names and Ip addresses for each PC  as well in your account

          Open My account as above

          Click on subscription

          Shows name of Pcs in this subscription

          Shows IP address of PC by clicking view. (in bottom Right of screen the IP is shown) Are they all your Ips?

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            If you have ever changed computers and failed to uninstall McAfee before getting rid of the old one, or simply formatted a drive and reinstalled Windows without removing McAfee first another license could feasibly be used up when you reactivate.  The same wouldf happen if you uninstalled McAfee using the cleanup tool without first uninstalling the normal way via Control Panel.


            As Tony says you can check that on your account page and make adjustments if there are machines there that shouldn't be.


            In case the account has been compromised you can also change the password by going to the account page and clicking 'My Profile' over at the left then, in Account Information click 'Update'.


            Don't ever post personal information such as email addresses in public areas such as this, for your own protection.


            If you have any problems just contact customer Service via the link under Useful Links at the top of this page, they can help you and it's a free call.




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              Phondo 2,


              It is very easy to change your password.


              Just go to my account and enter your account´s name. Afterwards, you should enter your password, but don´t do it. Just click where it says "Forgot your password?". You will immediately receive an e-mail which will include a link to change password. And that´s it.


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