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    Unmanaged Systems after AD sync



      Today I have synced the EPO with AD for the fist time. All my systems are found, and the computer name is  shown. All the systems are `Unmanaged`. I have been waiting for 20 minutes now. The lost and found group is also empty.  I am able to ping a system through EPO. But why are they keeping the Unmanaged state?



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          I found one thing:


          A system that is added manualy is using DNS when waking up.

          A synced system is using NetBIOS.


          NetBIOS is nog working....how to change to DNS???

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            The systems are not managed because they dont have the agent installed.


            When you synch with AD, there's an option for to immediatly install the agent. You may synch it again marking that option.

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            Or simply select all systems, go to Actions, Agent, Deploy Agents.


            But be careful when deploying to a large number of systems at once, you can set a ramdomization that will help you on that.