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    Ahmed Eissa

      I need to know Path of Netwrok object in Side winder Appliance by using WinSCP

      As i need about 200 network object , it is so tough to did it manually , or if is any another way , Please inform me ...


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          Are you saying that you would like to create 200 objects without using the GUI?


          Objects can be created from the command line, but the format is slightly different depending on whether you wish to create IP address objects, subnet objects, hostname objects, and so on. To know how each is configured look at the following man pages:-


          • man cf_ipaddr
          • man cf_subnet
          • man cf_netgroup
          • man cf_hostname
          • man cf_netmap


          If you are not familiar with using the man pages, the other option is to create one object of the chosen object type and then use the cf <object_type> query command (e.g. cf ipaddr query) to see how the object definition looks from the command line.


          So, for example, the format for creating IP address objects is:-


          • cf ipaddr add name=<object_name> ipaddr=<address> description=<object_description>


          The description element is optional


          It is possible to create a text file containing the details of each object minus the "cf" portion at the beginning:-


          • ipaddr name=server1 ipaddr=
          • ipaddr name=server2 ipaddr=
          • ipaddr name=server3 ipaddr=
          • ipaddr name=server4 ipaddr=
          • etc...


          Save this text file (ipaddr.txt) and upload it to the /home/<username> directory on your Firewall.


          Log into the Firewall command line and run the following command:-


          cf -f ipaddr.txt


          The cf command parses the filename and creates the objects in a matter of a few seconds.