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    VS & Mozilla Thunderbird

      Hi there!

      This is my first question here.

      I'm trying to avoid VS to scan Thunderbird mail folders. I had lots of trouble last week, because of VS trying to scan 1GB + files containing mails.
      Extension filtering is not an option cause these files don't have one.
      My first approach was excluding %appdata%/thunderbird/profile/ folder, but VS is not been used by the same user as thunderbird so we've got some mail app blocking as a result.
      Right now, I've excluded the whole c:\documents and settings\ folder, in order to have my users working, but that's not a long time solution, since all the profile is left outside OAS.

      So the question is, what should I do? I thought about using wildcards as in:

      c:\documents and settings\*\application data\Thunderbird\profile\

      Would this work? Any other ideas?

      Thank you.
        • 1. MIME files / filtering

          Try turning off MIME file scanning, in the email tab(s) in each scanner. I would leave scanning of MIME files enabled for at least a periodic scan (say weekly?) just in case.

          A full GB of files in MIME format is quite a bit of 'data' to scan. Are these a huge number of small email messages or are these a lesser number with a large email Attachments. In any case, you may want to do some house cleaning on these large mail boxes. Though I realize the information may be 'needed' in the future, as the size of the box gets larger, so does the likely-hood of corruption and the job of recovery. Obviously, performance becomes an issue as well. At least, 'Compact' the folders.

          Hope this is helpful. Let us know if you need more help.
          Ron Metzger
          • 2. Fast answer. Thank you!
            Thank you for such a fast answer.

            Maybe my explanation was not good enough, since english is not my main language. Sorry about that.

            MIME scan is already off. Compacting is already active on thunderbird installations as soon as it could recover 5 MB. Mailboxes just grow and grow, is something I have to deal with. Inbox an Sent files are just big, many messages and some great attachments I suppose since I can't check each user mail.

            The problem here is On Access Scan, and I really think these exclusions are the right way.

            c:\documents and settings\ is too big.

            What about this: c:\documents and settings\*\application data\Thunderbird\profile\ ?
            • 3. RE: Fast answer. Thank you!
              Just in case, someone searches for this isue.

              On-Access Defaul Processes Policies -> Exclusions ->
              c:\documents and settings\*\application data\Thunderbird\profiles\*.default

              Also exclude subfolders

              You're welcome grin