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    Security Center will not update - need some assistance!



      This is my first activity in the Community ~ I am hoping that some (or all!) of you can assist me with a trouble I'm having. I'll try to give as much detail as possible without making this Question 20 pages long. Please be patient with me here...


      I'm using a Dell desktop [XPS 400] with Windows XP, which I recently updated to Service Pack 3. Before updating to SP3, I had no troubles with my McAfee Security Center; I updated every day without issue. However, a day after the SP 3 update, when I checked for Security Center updates, although the update window would indicate that updates were available and start downloading...it would never finish. The system tray icon would spin for 40 minutes to an hour and then I'd get an error in the update window saying "Update Problem." 


      I downloaded and ran Virtual Technician, which indicated that the Anti-Virus had an out of date DAT and Engine; it also showed in the report (erroneously) that the last update had been over a month ago. Virtual Technician gave me an option to "Fix Problem," which I clicked and then the "Updates" changed to "Pending," although again, it would never finish. I attempted MANY times to contact McAfee Support via Live Chat, but the pop-up window would simply close on me as it was trying to connect; no matter how many times I tried to access Live Chat, it would simply return me to the initial screen.  (No, there is no problem with my DSL connection, I checked.)


      After several days of this nonsense and an exhaustive search of the FAQs, I decided to try a manual update with the sDAT available for McAfee Consumer Products; followed all the instructions exactly, had no trouble installing, but even after that, no update would complete. I ran Virtual Technician again, so I could try to reach McAfee via Live Chat again. This time, Virtual Technician found 11 problems including (among others) 'Missing/corrupt COM Components.' out of date DAT, out of date Engine and several registry errors (which it supposedly fixed). Tried to update the Security Center again and after about an hour, received the error message "McAfee cannot update your products. Please re-install the application."  Sooooooo, today I followed all the instructions exactly from the Knowledge Base article on "Un-installing and Re-installing McAfee Consumer Products." The removal and re-installation went fine with no issues, re-started the system and checked the products in the "About" window - all are up to date and the "Updates" section of the opening window says "Current."  Just a few minutes later however, I opened Security Center and checked for updates again - now, the window indicates that updates are available and starts downloading and - you guessed it - the download would not finish. Just  got the same "Update Problem" message. So, back to Square One.


      I am out of patience and ideas ~ and ready to permanently un-install all my McAfee products and switch to a competing product.

      if any of you could give me some input (that doesn't involve registry changes), I'd certainly appreciate it. Thanks for reading so much............