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    MVT Doesn't See McAfee Programs That Are Installed

      Hi-  MVT was working fine up to a week ago.  I have McAfee Total Protection installed and it is working well. Security Center 11.0, Virus Scan 15, Personal Firewall 12.0, Anti-Spam 12.0 and am using IE 9.


      Then, when I ran MVT to check my system, it would only check Site Advisor (which I don't have installed) and then stop saying there was a problem it couldn't fix.


      Now, MVT says there are no McAfee products installed, which of course, there are...since the other programs are working well.


      I tried deleting MVT and reinstalling twice, but keep getting the same error messages.  I also got them when I tried using Firefox and IE 8.


      What can possibly be the matter?



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