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    Can't deploy agent


      This version shows up and I have updated it. It shows as the available and the "Available version" and the "checked in version" for "Install - Windows Patch 1" in the Current Branch. However for "Install Windows" I have for the "Available version" and the "Checked in version" I have in the Current Branch. I can only Remove or Download. I can't do anything else with it. I'm guessing this is the reason that if I do a product deployment that the highest agent version I can select is and my agents haven't automatically updated by themselves.


      I think at some point the Current Branch for "Install Windows" was missing and I had to go back and create the Branch for it again. Should I do this to solve it and someone get as the current?

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          You must set the new agent version in your McAfee Agent product deployment clienttask  (ePO Web GUI -> System Tree -> Clienttasks).


          Regards Tom


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            Had a similar issue before where I had to make sure that the agent policy ( within policy look under updates) needed the correct repository branch for the update to succeed.   With that said, I was able to get as current BUT I manually added the agent under  Master Repository "check in package" along with manually checking in the extension(s) found under Software.

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              The version isn't available for selection in my client tasks. I only have up to 1694. The Windows Embedded Credentials one I can get 2292 but I don't want that package.




              In my Master Repository 2292 is already the current package for "Mcafee Agent for Windows" and the extension is for 2292. I tried to install them and it told me they were already there.



              My problem is that 2292 is not available in the "Products and Components" drop down when I try to create a client task.


              Not sure if this has anything to do with it but my ePO key updater is 1694


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                For what it's worth here are the versions for "Extensions" and "Master Repository":

                Under Extensions:

                Name: McAfee Agent



                Master Repository:

                Name: ePO Agent Key Updater Version:

                Name: McAfee Agent for Windows Version:


                What version of ePO are you running?

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                  EPO 4.6.1



                  All those extenstions and the master repository versions are the same as mine.


                  When I go to create a client task to deploy the agent the only thing I can deploy is 1694 and it's from branch Previous. This confirms that I don't have 1694 in my current branch. But it's like EPO doesn't even see 2292 to make it available as a deployment from the current branch.

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                    Just for giggles I will ask this but I probably know the answer already: have you removed all the agent(s) from the extensions & software repository? If so, I would add the old agent then confirm that it's able to be viewed/deployed.  Then remove the old extensions/software from the repository  and check 2292 back in...

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                      I opened a SR with Mcafee and they removed the agent from the repository and I believe the extension as well and checked them back in and now 2292 is available. They did a ppolicy export beforehand and then a policy import afterward. Unfortunately all my Mcafee Agent tasks are gone and have to be recreated (from my memory) and I had to reassign any custom agent policies back. The tasks parts suck as I don't know what was in there.


                      Anyone know the default entries in McAgent Agent tasks? Were there any?


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