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    Won't update unless in safe mode

      Has anyone had this problem?   I'm using total protection 2011.  The updates fail to install unless  I am in safe mode.  My user profile has adminitrative priveledges.

      I have to re-start my computer each week, start in safe mode with networking, check for updates and install if any.  This is annoying.  I'm not sure what's with this version, but I've had nothing but trouble.  I've re-installed a couple times, but this requires I download the program each time ....time consuming.  Help!

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          Peter M

          Moved to SecurityCenter.  This shouldn't happen. What is your operating system and service pack and how do you connect to the Internet?


          Have you had anything else acting strangely?


          I think your best approach would be to ask Technical Support directly.  It's a free phone call or online chat and linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.


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            Boy, that was quick!  I'm running Windows XP SP3.  I didn't have this problem with the last version of Total Protection.  I updated to the new product in August.  It failed to in-stall properly so I contacted tech support for help.  We re-intalled and it worked fine for a short while.


            I have contacted Technical support, we unistalled McAfee and I downloaded and re-installed ( x 2).  It worked for a couple of updates on both occations and then started to act strangely again.


            I connect to the internet via satelite.


            Thanks for any help you can provide.

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              Peter M

              That's strange especially as I was under the impression that it wouldn't update in Safe Mode anyway.  Try contacting Tech Support again and ask for an escalation on the last case ID they gave you.


              Safe Mode has no internet access, Safe Mode with Networking does, but even then I don't think it will work.  Are you sure we are talking about the same thing - the mode available from a special menu that comes up when you tap F8 repeatedly while booting up?


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                Thanks for your help.   I'll contact support again for help, although, they always have me uninstall and re-install.


                We are talking about the same thing.  Tapping F8 while starting the computer > Safe Mode with Networking.   I right click on the McAfee icon and pick check for updates ( DAT files).


                From here, it checks, updates and installs just fine.   This will be the Virus updates most likely.  I don't believe the security centre functions in safe mode, but it will update.


                Virtual technician will also update the DAT files in Safe mode (with networking) but it cannot start other functions

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                  Peter M

                  Well I live and I learn as they say; that updates work in that mode.   The only thing I can think of is that your user name is corrupted, whether by infection or by the use of registry cleaners perhaps?   Can you update in another user name with Administrative authority?

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                    Peter M

                    If support repeat the uninstall/reinstall advice I will alert the support people we use internally and see if they can offer advice here.

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                      Peter M

                      Also could you open SecurityCenter and click 'About" and tell me the version numbers and Affid please?