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    Email Attachment filtering

      We use internet security suite 2010 and it appears to be removing attachments from some incoming and outgoing email messages.

      The email client is Outlook 2000.

      Does internet security suite 2010 filter attachments?

      If so how do we find out why the attachments were removed and do we have any control of what is removed?


      Thank you

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          Are you sure it is not an outlook setting? This used to happen in outlook express.



          In addition to the above also check this, but note that turning off email protection can leave you vulnerable, but infections would stilll be caught if they activated, by the background real-time scanner.


          Double-click the taskbar icon to open SecurityCenter


          Click Virus and Spyware Protection


          Click Real-Time Scanning


          Uncheck 'Email Attachments'


          Click Apply.


          See if that makes a difference.  If not there's a chance that the attachments ARE infected or are written in a code that resembles malware.


          In which case see your Quarantine folder under 'Navigation' (top right) > Quarantined and Trusted Items