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    McAfee Security Center not working after windows update

      Just bought a new Dell XPS 8300 PC

      McAfee had been preinstalled by OEM

      Just updated windows 7 64 bit using windows update after the next reboot Mcaffe security center stopped responding

      Whenever  i open,try to reinstall or remove,or use McAfee Virtual assitant tool a dialog box/window opens up which has nothing in it .

      its just a white blank window stating that mcafee is running.

      on reinstalling using the cd provided it just says couldnt install wait for some time to resolve issue , it then restarts the program is back with the same error.


      right clicking mcafee in show hidden icons in lower right corner yields nothing it just blinks thats it!

      How to solve this problem?

      Compounding it further even roxio program opens up with a window which has no trace in task manager,taskbar etc.

      it just has  a window with a label and 3 greyed out text boxes.


      my system  XPS 8300

      i7 2600

      6 gb ram

      500 gb HDD


      new in condition applied windows update once.

      tried uninstalling internet explorer 9 that didnt solve the problem.

      tried all other common suggestion still problem is as it is .