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    McAfee short cut fix

      Had it with this damn desktop short cut!  Will replace McAfee for good.

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          Peter M

          Unclejess sorry for the inconvenience.


          There are many threads on this subject and all have more or less been settled because the fix for this has gone out on 17 Jan for US and UK, (10 Jan - Australia and Korea, 19 Jan - Rest of World) .  However, as releases of fixes are stagggered using a throttling mechanism to stop server overloads, it can take several days to reach everyone.


          See the Issue Update here:  https://community.mcafee.com/community/home/  or here: https://community.mcafee.com/docs/DOC-3361


          Try right-clicking the taskbar icon and select Check for Updates a few times, it should come in.


          If it continues for you after a few days then we would need to know more details - right-click the icon or double-click to open SecurityCenter and post details of what version numbers are displayed when you select 'About'.


          If you get McAfee from a 3rd party source such as your ISP or your computer maker, there's a chance that factor would delay it.


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            Check updates doesn't help!  Last update reads 1/4/2012 after 20 trys!  Icon still on desktop.  Maybe Throttle the short cut or unthrottle the fix.

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              Peter M

              Something's wrong there, last update should read Jan 20. Go HERE - log in and 'save as' the downloader to your dekstop.  Right-click it and go to Properties and unblock (if blocked, depends on your operating system), if not don't worry.


              Install a fresh copy over the top of your existing one.  It will uninstall the old one automatically.  A reboot will be required.


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                Peter M

                When you've finished doing the above open SecurityCenter and click About and tell me what version is shown for SecurityCenter.

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                  Sorry to cut into another person's thread, but I've got the same problem in that I can't get the update. I've literally attempted a manual update 30-40 times per day (multiple attempts whenever I'm on the computer at all times of the day/night) since the Jan 17th update was rolled out for the U.S. 


                  Currently I have  Security Center 11.0.649 12/19/2011, but the DAT in Virus Scan updates daily as it should, just can't get the Security Center update. How do I know when this is a problem and not just the "throttling" issue. I would think that statistically I should have been able to get it after 30-40 attempts per day all week. I'm trying to avoid a total reinstall (again), becauase I'e already gone through that twice in the past couple of months to "fix" problems that were supposed to be addressed with this latest udpate.



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                    After runing setup fresh install reads Ver. 11.0.654 installed 1/21/2012.  After successful instillation and reboot I deleted desktop icon and preformed restart to confirm no return of icon.  The icon was in fact permanently removed but so unfortunatly was manual access to control panel.


                    Had to run entire setup a second time to get link in task bar wher it belongs.  Time will tell if this remains a stable solution. 


                    I so I thank you for your help.  If not I suggest making the installation of desktop shortcut an user selected option on future verssions to prevent customer complaints.


                    Thanks again


                    Uncle Jess

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                      Peter M

                      klinker try a new install from your online account.  It will uninstall whatever you have now and install a new copy.  Hopefully that will fix it once and for all.


                      unclejess, that's strange regarding the Control Panel issue, haven't seen that before, however you seem to have fixed it OK.


                      The option you mentioned has already been suggested and management are aware.

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                        Thanks for the suggestion, reinstall FINALLY allowed me to update to the new 11.0.654 version, so the other issues seem to be fixed.  Clearly there was something wrong with the program that wasn't allowing me to update.


                        However, I ran MVT and got Site Advisor error  "elist.dat" file missing now. Curious thing is that the About window for Total Protection shows I have Site Advisor but the MVT log with the missing file reads Site Advisor 3.4.143.


                        I know this isn't the right section but this error came up after reinstalling. What if anything does this mean and how to resolve if necessary? Thanks.

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                          Peter M

                          I heard on Friday that there was a problem with MVT so if everything works I wouldn't worry too much about it.

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