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    restore data

      Hello I need your help!!!

      i have a HDD with safeboot version 5.2 installed and data are crypted.Now I don't see this HDD in my pc and i need to extract data but also with safetech, file sdb and authentication code it's impossible see partition with bartPE.

      I try to recover MBR but it's not working...

      Could you help me?

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          You would be better off speaking to your IT team, they will have the tools to do this. Recovering the MBR will not help (in fact, it will make things worse) so please don't do that.


          If it's a 2nd hard disk, did you try moving it between machines? That's not supported with EEPC. Also, you can't reformat your OS and expect a previously encrypted disk to work (without recovery) either.