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    proxy in mcafee

      how to activate proxy settings in mcafee antivirus software

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          Peter M

          You are posting in a place devoted to problems using these forums.  Are you asking about using the home software with a proxy or using Enterprise/business products using a proxy?


          The home products usually don't function behind a proxy if it's authenticated but there could be exceptions and for that you would have to contact Technical Support, it's a free phone call or online chat.


          Linked under McAfee Support at the top of this page.


          Also see this link.






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            i did some testing & research. The default urllib2.ProxyHandler of Python cannot handle proxy exceptions and therefore forwards all traffic to the proxy server.  If i set up an empty ProxyHandler it works for a call to urlopen(local_address), but still fails for mcafee.client. So mcafee.client uses the default proxyhandler of urllib2, which cannot handle local destinations. Is there a way to "override" the ProxyHandler in the mcafee-module?

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              Peter M

              Could you both please clarify what product you are talking about as this is not the correct section to be discussing it, that I can guarantee you.