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    Windows Server 2003 not indicating updates after renewal


      I recently purchased a renewal for Windows 2003 server. After reading the e-mails with my entitlement and instructions, I thought that I had read and understood there was no update or download requirement for a renewal.

      However, I can find no indication on my server that I am receiving updated DAT files, the ABOUT button on the display has a date of 14 Jan now. In addition, when pressing the UPDATE NOW button, I receive a expiration notice.

      Am I missing something here?  Is my server protected or not? I do see indications in the security center that my license is up to date, but it is unclear as to whether the updates to the server are occurring.

      Hoping for a speedy reply.


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          I understood that McAfee in your windows 2003 server is not updating even after renewing the product.


          Please let me know, are you facing this issue in home server?


          So that I can help you with this issue in a better way.



          Ravi Shankar. R


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            Ravi,  Thanks for getting back. Yes, I am facing this issue on the server. The McAffee icon brings up a user interface. On the interface, when pressing about, I get no update information past the date of renewal. I initially installed this on the server when it came as an option from HP, already on the server. At that time is was Total Protection service. I was receiving updates and updated status on this display until the renewal this week. I carefully read the e-mails that basically said, don't do anything. Don't reinstall, etc. Right now I have no insight into the status of McAffee SAAS on my server. I can't really tell if the protection is there. If I press the Update Now button on the interface, I receive the message the my subscription is expired. When I login to my security center I do see the status that the machine is protected, but get conflicting information as to the state of the DAT files, and last update time and date. I do see the new entitlement listed as active with the new expiration date in 2015.

            So my questions are:

            1. Is my server actually being protected?

            2. Is my server receiving DAT and software updates IAW license agreement?

            3. Do I have to do something so that I can have access to status on my server as I have in the past?


            I may have more questions when I receive a reply, but that is mostly what I am concerned with at this time.




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              Hi Photoguy,


              Please be informed that renewal should be done before the given time frame and a manual update should be done to update the renewal. When the subscription expires your McAfee stops updating by the mean time of renewal.


              Please follow the given instructions to fix this issue.


              >> Open the Home Server console.

              >> Click on the McAfee Total Protection tab on the top.

              >> Check whether it shows an option to activate now.


              >> If yes, click on it and login to the security center with your email and password in www.mcafeeasap.com

              >> Click on the My Account tab and generate a key under the section "Enrollement Key"


              Enrollment key creation :


              1.    Open the www.mcafeeasap.com  and login with your email and password

              2.    Click on the My Account tab, please do not hover your mouse pointer on the my accounts tab but click on it, on the top and on the page click on accounts and keys and generate a key under the section "Enrollment Key"


              >> Enter the key in the activation window and click on activate.

              >> It will around 30 minutes to get activated and then it'll show the tasks enabled.


              >> If no, we need to uninstall and reinstall the Total Protection service from your Home server.

              >> To do that Click on "Settings" then "Add-ins" and select the "Installed" tab.

              >> Click on uninstall in Total Protection service.

              >> Your server will be restarted.

              >> Then go back to the same location where we uninstalled the service, Select "Available" tab and clisk on "Intall".

              >> It will be installed and will show you the option to activate now.

              >> Activate the service as I said you above.


              Please let me know if you need any additional informations.




              Ravi Shankar. R

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                Perfect! This was exactly it. Everything is fixed up and I thank you very much for your assistance.


                Super job.


                Just for the record Ravi, I did, on several occasions with 1 e-mail, and 4 phone calls to McAffee attempt to renew prior to the expiration date. There was some type of issue with the renewal process from my server, and  due to scheduling it was impossible.. Once I was told that I HAD to call McAffee by 3 pm my time in order to get this fixed, that made the update prior to expiration next to impossible. I was very close to gving up and finding a different product..  Why didn't I...


                Everyone that I deal with from McAffee did a fantastic job of working with me, and what a great group of professionals. I am not going to dwell on this issue, Again I thank you for your help, and speedy reply. Thanks to all the McAffee PROFESSIONALS that assisted in this matter. My only suggestion, find a way to get the right phone numbers to our customers. I spent a fair amount of time on the phone... with the wrong department.


                Thanks again



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                  Hi Photoguy,


                  Thank you so much for updating us the status of your issue and it is very glad to know that your issue has been resolved. Its been very pleasure assisting you. Please let us know if you have any issues in future.