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    VSE 8.8 fails install with patch 1


      Currently I have VSE 8.8 w/patch 1 check into the repository of our EPO server.  I have all tasks disabled to install patch 1 and some issues with blue screens.  Somehow some are getting the install, but what is happening, is it puts VSE8.8 in a state of limbo because it looks like it doesn't install correctly.  So then it trys to uninstall and that fails as well.  I've looked at the logs and the one thing that keeps poping up is


      [15:27:12:215] - Upgrading VTP service

      [15:27:12:215] - StopService mfevtp

      [15:27:12:215] - Lockdown: Setting DACL for service mfevtp

      [15:27:12:215] - Lockdown: Using 'normal' DACL

      [15:27:12:215] - Lockdown: Setting ALLOW permissions for service DACL

      [15:27:12:215] - LockDown: ERROR: Failed to set DACL


      over and over again until is says install failed.  Any ideas?