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    Agent version after upgrade EPO from 4.0 to 4.6

      I thought I read something about this but cannot find the article so hope someone can help me out here.


      I plan to upgrade our Epo4.0sp7 server to EPO4.6 . The idea was to upgrade all agents first..but this will not work because Epo4.0 does not support the 4.6 agent. So an second plan would be upgrading the Epo server first and manage the agents upgrade after that.


      I thought I  read somewhere that the Agents updates automatically to the newer version after upgrading the server, something I really don’t want to happen!


      Can I  upgrade the Epo server 4.0 to 4.6 and leave the agents at version 4.0 ? What happens with the agents on my 1800 servers when the Epo4.6  server upgrade is completed. Will they stay at agent4.0, and can I from here start to upgrade my servers organized scheduled to Agent version 4.6 ?