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    Problems with Updates and mcshield and mcscript_inuse

      Colleague has a Dell Optiplex GX270, 256 MB RAM, Windows XP SP3 and VirusScan Enterprise 8.5i. In About... it says 8.5.0 i, ScanEngine version 5300.2777. There are significant performance problems with excessive CPU usage (mcshield and mcscript_inuse).

      I noted the stickies in this forum (mentioning KB article 616344). However, whenever I click on a link like


      I just get the generic http://www.mcafee.com/us/

      (Hmmm... instead of the elipsis, it should be /72/616344_f.S)

      Is it correct to assume that if it says 8.5.0 i, there are no patches applied yet? Which patch needs to be applied to fix this problem and how do I obtain it?

      The problem seems to be the one discussed in these threads:



      Thanks in advance.