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    Firewall appears on but when checking settings it is off



      Got Win 7 Security 2012 some days ago. Used many programs and pretty sure I got rid of it. But now I've got a problem with my firewall on McAfee


      When opening McAfee, the firewall shows that it is on but when looking at the settings, it is actually off. When trying to turn it on, it turns off automatically after 1 second.

      I've tried everything. Uninstalling completely and cleaning it up then install again( did it 3 times), nothing. Used Virtual technician, still told me it can't repair it something like that.

      Having problem with my Windows firewall too, telling me code error when I'm trying to ' Use recommended settings" . Updated everything; windows, mcafee, still not working.

      Help please!

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          Hi there,


          The infection could have quarantined your windows firewall components and that’s the reason , no matter how many ever times you reactivate the service , it would get turned OFF. Please click on Useful links at the top of the page and click on Technical support so as our Technicians would run advanced tools and get your firewall up and running again .