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    Why are Icons (Start Menu) still reappearing after ver. 11.0.654 install?


      I'm starting a new thread as this was mentioned in threads relating to the desktop reappearing icon 'bug'.  This has already been kindly confirmed on a thread not directly related to this specific issue by 'Peacekeeper' as being still apparent on his 'beta' build.


      The Desktop Icon issue has been solved for most people, including myself, in this build however the Folder and Icon created in the Start Menu (Windows 7) are still re-appearing after being moved or deleted by the user.


      This behaviour has been mentioned by the Mods as being caused by the same 'bug' as was causing the desktop icon to re-appear, therefore as the issue still persists it must still be a 'bug'.  I'm still of the opinion though this is deliberate and tiresome policy from McAfee to anybody that doesn't particularly want shortcuts where McAfee insists on putting them.


      Can anyone inform me then if there is currently a workaround to delete the unwanted entry in my Start menu which currently, as per the previous desktop shortcut issue, refuses to be deleted without replicating itself.  This isn't merely the minor annoyance of an unwanted shortcut but more of an issue about a security application behaving exactly like the malware (i.e. counter to my express wishes) that I use it to defend against.


      Thank You.

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