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    Microsoft Updates/Patch Insallation very slow under VSE 8.8 and 8.7i


      Ok, I have an issue installing these patches from Microsoft and I know whats the cause but not able to fix in the long term.

      When I DISABLE the ON ACCESS SCAN the installation of these updates are fast.


      But when ENABLED, the installation is slow and hangs on PREPARING THE INSTALLATION for at least 1 minute or even more but then after that, it does continue as normal with the install.

      This also occurs with updates are less of a size.


      When ON ACCESS scan is DISABLED, then the update install goes faster.


      It only hangs here when the ON ACCESS scan is ENABLED.


      The McAfee VSE does something to these update installs but I dont know what....Please help.


      If anyone else is having this issue, then please let me know. 


      I DO NOT want to disable the scanner at all. Thats why I am looking for a fix on this if possible.




      Please see print-screen.Capture.JPG


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