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    Virus Scan Upgrading Issue! Very Important!

      Hello there, after one of the processes of virus scan 8.5 called McShield.exe has been killing cpu by using 50 % of it constantly for couple of weeks of it first deployment. And most of the clients in my company just went mad because of it. I did my research on the web and decided to upgrade it to 8.7 using epo of course (epo 4 patch2). So I've downloaded vse 8.7 zip file and uploaded it to epo's master repository then i've edited client task that was deploying vse 8.5 to deploy 8.7. However, though the task worked and most of managed computers got the new version and actually updated as well, [SIZE="3"]when i check for systems information on system tree epo does not show new virus scan as being installed on any of these client systems. Epo does show the other information what epo agent collects and sends to server like version numbers, current software, etc, but doesn't show the new virus scanat all as detected on clients' systems and of course no DAT file. [/SIZE]The Queries for compliance of dat file and virus scan also show that all computers that got the new virus scan are non compliant, and only the ones what still use the old vse are compliant and have a dat updated file. Also when i'm looking into Policy Catalog on epo server i can't find any policies for 8.7 virus scan only for virus scan 8.5, though I guess most of the policies are still working on the clients' systems which are now using new virus scan. So do you guys have any idea why all of this are happening? Have I made some mistake while doing upgrade? And how can I fix this problem? This very important for me to know how the fix this problem, because next week we're gonna deploy it to all clients in our company and I don't want this issue to get bigger when we go in production. Please Help!