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    False Positive - Artemis!46B21CD7BA7A



      I am having trouble with this artemis. I know it's a false artemis, as I've been using it for a year or so before getting mcafee. Now that I got mcafee earlier last year, it has been saying that it's a false artemis.  The program's .exe file is what has been triggering the false positives. I have been putting up with mcafee's false artemis problems since i got mcafee, hoping that the program would be updated to allow me to ignore the false alerts, but it has not. I got tired of waiting, so I emailed the virus research about it over a week ago and they said it said: inconclusive [eap.exe] I have since been waiting for the further analysis, and they have not gotten back to me about it. I am starting to get tired of all these problems with mcafee. Can someone please fix this? I am tired of mxafee's lack of support. If this program isn't fixed soon, I will have to cancel my subscription to mcafee and get a different antivirus program, because mcafee is useless when I have to always disable the real time scanning to be using the program.