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    McAfee Host Win XP Constant Error Message

      How can I stop the constant error messages that McAfee Host encountered a problem and needs to close? The message stays on top of other programs, limiting use.


      After the last McAfee software update, I am getting constant error messages that steal focus from foregound programs. Must be constantly dismissed, or moved to the side to use the computer. I have completely reloaded the McAfee software, no help. Ran McAfee Virtual Technician, got error message ' Cannot find McAfee products on your system"???? See screen captures and log messgae contents in file attachements below.


      McAfee software appears to be functioning normally otherwise. Ran full system scan, no issues detected.


      Computer: Gateway GT5026E  Pentium D 2.8 GHz  3 GB RAM


      WinXP ver 5.1 (Build 2600.xpsp_sp3_gdr.111025-1629 : Service Pack 3)


      McAfee Security Center

      Ver 11.0

      Build 11.0.649

      Affld 101

      Lang en-us

      Last Update 01/14/2012


      McAfee Virus Scan

      Ver 15.0

      Build 15.0.294

      Last Update 1/14/2012

      DAT Ver 6588

      DAT Ceation 1/13/2012

      Boot DAT Ver 6584.0000

      Boot DAT Create 1/9/2012

      Engine Ver 5400.1158


      McAfee Personal Firewall

      Ver 12.0

      Build 12.0.345

      Last Update 1/14/2012


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          It has been over a week and no response or resolution has been offered to the McAfee Host error issue. I have received several updates to McAfee, no help. Security Center now at Build 11.0.654 Virus Scan now at Build 15.0.294. (McAfee annoyance - copy text disabled on About screen)


          It occurs to me that maybe I am asking the wrong question. Maybe I should start another thread with the question below.


          The real question is - How do I know a virus or worm has not defeated McAfee? How do I know my computer is not part of a criminal botnet?


          At best, this unresolved issue is seriously affecting my computers usability. At worst, I may be infected with something bad that has overcome McAfee protection.


          Get this fixed - soon. I am quickly losing confidence in McAfee. Do I need to go elsewhere?

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            Sorry missed this post will point the techs to your error doc


            Yes that about screen sucks I and others have suggested in the ideas area here to enable copy and paste.




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              If you got the error during the update, you can easily do a system restore. That should do the trick. And make sure to back up your files just to be sure.


              Usually, only installed programs or updates will be affected by this but it helps to be preventive.

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                Several causes to Mcsvhost errors some are as follows

                1.HP printer installed and the full suite of programs loaded

                2. Alcohol 120% software installed uninstall it and use another burning software.

                3. Unknown issue Mcafee is looking into. They found reinstalling teh graphics drivers helped 2 users but other users still having issues.