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    Unable to Update McAfee Internet Security 2011 & Unable to Close McAfee Internet Security Window

      Hello there,


      I've been using McAfee Internet Security 2011 on my other laptops and it is working fine.  Recently, I had reformatted another laptop of mine and installed McAfee Internet Security 2011 (OEM: Bundle Pack) but I am unable to update it.


      Every time I attempted to update it, during the "Checking for Updates" phase [Completed: 0%], the status will change to "Your Computer is Secure (no action required)".  After it had completed (noticed that it did not go through the "Downloading Updates" and "Installing Updates" statuses), the status will be change back to "Your Computer is at Risk (Your programs are up to date.  Automatic Updates: On)".


      I tried to do what I had did with my other laptop when I am unable to update it:


      Manually update the DAT files as described in :


      But it's to no avail.


      On top of that, the moment I opened McAfee Internet Security's GUI, I am unable to close it.  It keeps popping back up itself.


      Is there a solution to it?



      Thank you in advance.