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    Unable to install McAfee PC Security Centre

      Hi there,


      I recently reinstalled Windows Vista 64 bit on my Sony Vaio laptop. When I try to install McAfee PC Security Centre, I receive an error message that indicates "An unexpected error has occurred. The logn process has experienced an unexpected server access error. Please try again". The only option available on this error window is a "close" button. When I click on that I get another error message indicating "Your cancelled the installation before we could finish installing your software. To ensure your PC is protected against the latest threats, we recommend that you install your McAfee software now".


      I have checked some previous threads on the same issue, however have not seen a conclusive resolution. I even tried running MCPR and McPreInstall programs as suggested in one post, but to no avail. MVT does not help either.


      Can someone please help?




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