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    How can I uninstall McAfee whithout crashing Windows 7?

      My subscription to Mcafee Security Security Center 2011 has ended.  It was installed on my Dell Computer when I bought it.  I purchased a new version which worked perfectly on one of my computers but on my main computer, I was not so lucky.  First I uninstalled my old version and rebooted as requested.  When i rebooted I got a system crash.  I tried to start in Safe mode with networking but got the blue screen of death.  I then rebooted in safemode and was alble to restore a previous version of windows.  I called McAfee support and Dell support and no one has been able to suggest anything other than totally reinstalling my whole computer.  This is my server, my everything computer which is supporting three other computers.  I really do not want to go this route.


      Menawhile my subscription has expired and I have no protection.


      I ran McAfee Virtual Technician and had an error which isunfixable.  It says I am missing ".commonfiles\mcafee\systemcore\strings.bin"  Could this cause the problem.


      Has anyone else faced this problem or have nay solution?  Help would be appreciated.