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    Service Host problem

      There are many threads on this, but service host starts running which causes system core to run using up 100% of my CPU.  I can't do anything until it takes a breather and I can get in.  This has been going on for a few months.  I had uninstalled Mcafee because of the problem last year and only recently reinstalled it.  Now there is no uninstall on my controll panel.  I can't get rid of it.  I have a multi subscription and I don't dare put it on any of my other computers.  If someone can point me in the right direction to correct this, I will.  If not, then I'll need to wipe this hard drive clean and reinstall everything except McAfee. 


      I have security center version 11.0

      build 11.0.649


      Virus scan version 15.0

      build 15.0.294


      Message was edited by: ikeika INFO: I have a scratch built computer ASUS P4P800e-Deluxe motherboard Intel P4 3.2e gig processor Corsair TwinX memory 1 gig x 4 Western Digital hard drives 640 gig x 2 Radeon 2600 Video card Creative Audigy sound card Windows XP SP3 Explorer 8 on 1/12/12 10:00:23 PM CST
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          A year ago, after an update, McAfee saw my video drivers as a virus and kept deleting it.  Every time I turned on my computer I had to reinstall the drivers.  I called McAfee and they said it wasn't their program.  So, out of sheer stubborness, I just continued to reinstall the drivers.  One day I decided to remove McAfee and see what would happen.  Lo and behold, no problem.  Reinstalled McAfee, same problem.  I uninstalled McAfee and left it off for the rest of the year.  When my subscription came up, I waited a month or so before I resubscribed.  From that moment to this, I have had nothing but problems with McAfee.  It runs ServiceHost and Core to max out my CPU to 100%.  I can't do anything except click close on the alert window.  When I finally got in the other day, I went looking for the uninstall.  There was none.  What to do.  So this morning, I reinstalled McAfee, only after it had uninstalled itself I stopped the installation.  It's gone.  I've been a long time user of McAfee, however, after two years worth of paying for service and having none, I've lost faith in the company and I am moving on.

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            The process:

            Removed and reinstalled McAfee - problem remained

            Per moderator, ran Virtual Technician - problem remained

            Per moderator, closed NetGuard - problem remained

            Per moderator, installed beta version of Site Advisor - problem worsened

            Per moderator, suggested reformat hard drive, well that's not going to happen

            Uninstall for McAfee missing from Control Panel; went to McAfee site to redownload; stopped reinstallation after deletion of files; deleted all folders, temp folders and registration keys


            It took over half hour to load a song to listen to this morning; after removal, 10 seconds.  I forgot how fast my computer was.

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              Hi there. Do you have any update on this problem? Were you able to fix it?

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                An update from McAfee early last year saw my video drivers as a virus and kept knocking them out.  I had to reinstall them every time I turned on my computer.  When I deleted McAfee there was no problem.  This was on two of my computers both using a Radeon 2600 pro video card.  None of my other computers were affected.  So, I removed McAfee and had no problems and no coverage.  Later in the year, I went ahead and reordered McAfee hoping by this time they had fixed my problem and wound up with the Service Host problem.  I tried everything here that was suggested to no avail.  However, the moderators here said there may be a conflict with Alcohol 120% and to remove the program.  I happen to have that program installed and I use it daily.  It's not going.  So, I got a different vendors anti-virus program and haven't had any problems since.  I personally have had a good expirence with McAfee for many years, hence I reordered.  However, it appears to be an ongoing problem with older platforms, and mine is, and since I don't play games but type, I just moved on.