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    How do I turn off SiteAdvisor?.. it constantly marks safe sites as risky or worse and re-directs to vague site reports that don't help.


      Hi everyone,


      I have McAfee installed because it has recently become the default anti-virus program supplied by my ISP.


      SiteAdvisor is an absolute piece of crap that falsely rates safe websites as risky, malicious etc.


      I know these are false ratings because it's happening with a few sites that I've built myself and I know they are safe.


      I am sick to death of SiteAdvisor interrupting my browsing with it's re-directs to BS "risky website" reports that give no details of actual risks but.. can find no way to turn off this crappy part of what seems like an otherwise half-decent anti-virus program.


      Any help with would be appreciated.