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    Type of license installed?

      Someone that is no longer with the company packaged out VirusScan 8.5i into a MSI file. And when doing an install it's asking us to pick what type we have. It was thought that this was already packaged. How do we tell if an install is set up with the 1 or 2 year or Perpetual license? If there is a reg key that would could look at too that would be great so we can us a script to verify correct license. The was also a command line install that was being used at times that used the /qb-! option which I thought defaulted the license to 1 year. I'm all confused.

      Just trying to do some clean up of a major mess that was left behind.
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          I'm in the same case as you. Someone can help us ?


          Thank you.

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            I don't think it matters what is selected at the installation point. The two license types are "Evaluation" and "Licensed". As long as it wasn't installed with an Evaluation license, then I don't think you'll have any issues. The display of license material is mainly for legal reasons.


            Someone from McAfee should hopefully be able to confirm (or deny) this.

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              Thank you for your answer !


              Is somone from McAfee able to confirm that ?



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                Hi Everyone,



                The Enterprise versions of the McAfee software are perpetual Licenses.



                Now what exactly that means is, You buy the McAfee Virus Scan Enetrrpirse for say, 11 computers. You would get the Daily database definition updates for as long as that product is supported by McAfee. However, You need to keep renewing your subscription in order to get the Patches or upgrades. Let me also emphasize, Patches are very important and so are upgrades. With a perpetual license, You will get DAT file updates for the life of the product but if you do not have an active subscription, You lose out on the following :-


                1} Free Technical Support. 24/7, Gold Level

                2} Patches

                3} Upgrades

                4} Any kind of support from McAfee unless ofcourse you are ready to pay for the services.


                The above discussed license is different from the subscription license where the moment your subscription expires, You would not get anything. No DAT files, No Technical support. Nada. zilch.



                Now coming back to the question raised here. I would select the subscription I bought so that I am made aware by my software as to when my renewal is coming up. So, If I bought a 1 year subscription, I would select, 1 Year. So when the subscription is about to end, My software would let me know.


                Alternatively, I can also use the Perpetual type. The product would keep getting the DAT updates as I specified earlier.



                I hope the above helps.