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    how can I delete VSE8.5 when my system is in error ?

      Only a moment ago , I install VSE8.5 on my server . but , my server is ...system halted

      i have no idea . and i restarted the server ! badly , but i can't install VSE8.5 , and i can't delete vse8.5 on control panner /add or remove program(not agent).

      my server is an EPO server ,i run regedit ,but i don't know which key is VSE8.5 and which key is EPO . i seached on google ,but i think i can't find available information . i can't uninstall VSE8.5 ,and i can't delete the folder , and ... i can't reinstall it !

      at last , i delete system and reinstall Win2003 .

      who can tell me how to delete VSE8.5 when my system is in error ? for example when VSE8.5 is in error , when i run regedit , which key is EPO , and which key is VSE8.5


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