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    SafeTech boot disk - how to?


      I have endpoint encryption manager to try and fix the Corrupted error 92h (reported during preboot start up) error. I am trying to restore an computer image that is encrypted to another drive as my hard drive might be starting to have issues and to save me time from having to reinstall everything from scratch.


      I'm trying to follow KB53257 article but in my setup, there is no start program entry for:

      Start, All Programs, McAfee Endpoint Encryption, Endpoint Encryption Manager.


      I do have a program folder under my C: drive named C:\Program Files (x86)\McAfee\Endpoint Encryption for PC. But I don't see any application files there to create a safetech boot?


      how can I do create this boot disk to try and see if I can restore my drive to another?

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          You can't fix this yourself - you need to contact your IT team and ask them for help - they will have the Endpoint Encryption Manager, and will be able to emergency boot your machine to repair the issue if they so wish.

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            why am i not surprised on your response just like your other posts? some of us are trying to be self sufficient here due to frustrations with helpdesk.  funny thing is I am in IT and knowing the helpdesk, they'll just say reformat and start from scratch. i shouldn't even have bothered after seeing some of the posts here for people seeking help, which defeats the purpose of forum/community. bahhhh

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              It's not that I don't want to tell you how - you physically simply cannot do it. The software offloaded its recovery keys to your helpdesk when it was initialized - they are the only people that have that information. I don't have it, you don't have it etc.


              It's not that I don't want to help you - no one can help you other than your helpdesk, as only they have the right encryption keys for your machine.

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                OK. understood your point. Keys and stuff weren't mentioned in the KB article so reading it as is, it insinuates one can do this themselves reading thru it. (maybe an edit is recommended here to include this minor text you wrote).


                i'll just have to set aside some time and maybe just put the encryption last until all apps are installed. that way, i can always revert back to a pre-encryption image, which does work and tested multiple times. i'd be done faster this way than dealing with our helpdesk.

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                  The article is for someone who has the Endpoint Encryption Manager (in your case, your helpdesk).