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    wishlist for a better VSE 8.5i / 8.7i

      - outlook plug-in with MUCH lower memory and CPU-footprint.
      outlook uses >100MB, without it about 17MB. and it starts much faster (8.5i and 8.7i)
      - after an DAT-update, the memory consumption of mcshield.exe stays at >100MB (8.5i patch 7+EPO4,p3,agent 4.0p1)
      when it's restarted, it remains at 37MB until the next update.
      - maybe two DAT-updates per day...
      -better and faster feedback from virus-researchers after submitting a potential virus...(gold support)
      i have to send examples of "infected" files 2-3 times to get an false positive removed for example...
      others AV company are much faster (it test it with the same false-positive file, with was actually the battery manager of an ibm laptop)