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    Where is mcshield.exe?

      I was running Virus Scan Enterprise 8.0.0 on my home PC and decided to update it to the home version of Total Protection. The new install tried to uninstall Enterprise but failed. Now I get a couple of dialogs announcing errors and I need to completely remove Enterprise to fix it.


      I cannot stop the mcshield service and until I do that I can't uninstall the program. I've tried everything in the knowledge base..

      Windows services says access denied. Task manager says the same. I even tried a 3rd party tool called EndItNow and that failed too.


      Can someone PLEASE tell me either where in the registry this program is invoked, or what programs get called (dll's or whatever) so I can maybe boot in safe mode and manually remove them?


      This is driving me nuts.


      Thanks in advance.