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    Can you Stop the Darn Advertising


      I know that others have complained about this, but obviously Mcafee Just Doesn't Care or can't get it in their heads. yet again i have another advertising that pops up and does not auto fade away. Mcafee has said this is an informational message, which is not true, you can chose not to display informational message, also they fade away.   I pay for this product and should not be forced to keep getting this advertising. You should at least give us the option to opt out, just like we can for email SPAM, or at a bare minimum have it fade out after 5 seconds ( i know you marketing dept wont want this, but you are losing customers).   Attached is today's latest annoyance.

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          The first renewal reminder appeared on my desktop only 3 months into a 15 month subscription.  I can accept a reminder or two a month before the subscription expires (with a "don't remind me again" tick box), anything more is advertising.  Splashing promotional material on my desktop falls in the same category as the pizza flyers that get stuck to my windshield.


          Given that the products promoted include anti-spam software I think the marketing department is bit disconnected.

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            Will pass this on 3mths into a 15mth subscription is not cool.


            Other than that it is out of we mods hands sorry